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quinta-feira, 30 de agosto de 2012

Sharyn Maceren - Nighttime Land (CD, Album, Planet Hype, US, 2008)


Cri Babie - The Album


Tony Garcia - Funk Melody Freestyle, Vol. 2 (High Power Records 2012)

Rock the Clave (feat. Amoretto).mp3
02- Aiming Straight for Your Heart (f.mp3 
03- I Cant Live With Out You (feat. A.mp3 
04- No One But You (feat. Eclipse).mp3 
05- I Think of You (feat. Krystal).mp3 
06- Love Can Wait (feat. Lil Suzy).mp3 
07- Real Love (feat. Lil Suzy).mp3 
08- Take Me in Your Arms (feat. Lil S.mp3 
09- Missing You (feat. Lisette Rodriq.mp3 
10- Now and Forever (feat. Marybell L.mp3 
11- Some Kind of Love (feat. Nv).mp3 
12- Crystal Waters (feat. Nv).mp3 
13- Just Like the Wind (feat. Peter F.mp3 
14- Forever (feat. Reinaldo).mp3 
15- Why Cant You Be Mine (feat. Wicke.mp3


George LaMond - In My Life ( Columbia CD Album France 1992 )