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quarta-feira, 28 de setembro de 2011


01-stevie b-dreamis of you(original)
02-stevie b-girl lam searching for you(remixes)
03-stevie b-wanna be the one (club mix)
04-stevie b-come with me(club mix)
05-jhonny o-fantasy girl(original)
06-jhonny o- wanna make love 2u(remix)
07-stevie b-in my eyes(mix)
08-stevie b-spring love(club mix)
09-jhonny o-l khow that  you love me (original)
10-jhonny o -runaway love(mix)
11-jhonny o -freestyle (mix)


o melhor do freestyle vol 2(freestyle remeber)rar

01-2 am-dont wake me up
02-area7-music-flyng  faders
03-danny z-can t let you go
04-jakie-take my heart away
05-jhonny o-baby please dont leave me (versao 2011)
06-jhonny o -marry me(versao 2011)
08-andrew k-without you
09-george anthony-l love you(club mix)
10-niasya-l feel the way you
11-rosie-lover (mix)
12-stevieb-what l´m gonna do(the house miami mix)
13-tiana-l will be the one (original)


terça-feira, 27 de setembro de 2011

the best of .the officer e elios (freestyle remember dj william gja )

01-its too late
02-true love
03-baby gimme all your love
05-dont break my heart
06-la musica
07-love of my life
08-party (remix)
09-the light


quinta-feira, 22 de setembro de 2011

O MELHOR DO FREESTYLE (VOL 1) .freestyle remeber.rar.

01-Dear or live-come home with me baby(classic mix)
02-Chistiner tuner-for you(remix)
03-Joey kidd-tonight(original)
04-Pilli- l remeber you(club mix)
05-Reza-show me your love(classic mix)
06-Soavé-dont lock back(versao mix)
07-Soavé-where did we go wrong(club mix)
08Tiana- l will be the one(club mix)
09-Tony moran & george lamond-dremin´of you(classic)


quarta-feira, 21 de setembro de 2011

artie & legit(by dj william gja )freestyle remembe...

track listing

01-after all these years
03-finjiste amor
04-if l had the time
05-l believe
06-one never knows
07-lies (vocal image - artie & legit)


terça-feira, 20 de setembro de 2011

freestyle remember (by dj william gja )


Freestyle Is Alive in '95, Part 1

Track Listing
1. "I Gave My Heart" (Radio) by VLA
2. "Mystery Man" (Radio) by Sarina Paris
3. "We Won't Let Each Other Go" (Radio) by VLA
4. "I Gave My Heart" (Club Mix) by VLA
5. "Mystery Man" (Club Mix) by Sarina Paris
6. "Mystery Man" (Bass Mix) by Sarina Paris
7. "We Won't Let Each Other Go" (Club Mix) by VLA


Dr. Javi's Freestyle & Dance, Vol. 1 (Hi & Low Frequency Records/Hot Productions)

Track Listing
1. "I Want You" by T.O.Q.
2. "Please Don't Let Me Go" (Heart Mix) by Jay
3. "I'm Sorry" by Randy
4. "Last Chance" by Ceaser
5. "Lady Love" by Tony Room
6. "If You Were Mine" by Randy
7. "You're Everything To Me" by Giovanni
8. "How Can I Be The One?" by Prestige
9. "Not Being Together" by Ceaser
10. "Victim" by T.O.Q.
11. "Who's To Blame" by Giovanni
12. "I Can't Go On" by Xavier
13. "If You Were Mine" (Dub) by Jay


Concept Of One LP

Track Listing
1. Brenda K. Starr – So In Love

2. Christian DeCotto – Got The Love
3. The Latin Rascals – Saving All My Love
4. The Latin Rascals – We've Only Just Begun
5. System 3 – Spend My Life With You
6. The Latin Rascals – The Way She Moves
7. Tony Moran – Would You Like To Get Together
8. Noel – The Question
9. Tony Moran – Dance With Me
10. Brenda K. Starr – So In Love (The In Love Mix)


Marano/Phillips – How Could You Love Me/I'll Be Waiting For You (CDS)

Track Listing
1. Marano/Phillips – How Could You Love Me (Radio)
2. Marano/Phillips – How Could You Love Me (Extended Club)
3. Collage featuring Alexia – I'll Be Waiting For You (Original Radio)
4. Collage featuring Alexia – I'll Be Waiting For You (Extended Miami)
5. Collage featuring Alexia – I'll Be Waiting For You (Hardcore Radio)

The SBP Product (Silverback Records)

Track Listing
1. "What Am I To Do" by SBP featuring DJ Pauly
2. "Take Me Higher" by SBP featuring Joxxy
3. "Those Were The Times" by SBP featuring Miguel Reyes
4. "We Can Do It" by SBP featuring DeJa
5. "Do You Believe In Love" by SBP featuring Fred Nice
6. "Magic" by SBP featuring A.L.S.
7. "Hands Up" by SBP featuring 2AM
8. "I'll Wait For You" by SBP featuring Sonia Merced
9. "I'll Show You Love" by SBP featuring Zeyda
10. "Celebrate" by SBP featuring 2AM
11. "We Can Do It" (Berrios 2000 Mix) by SBP featuring DeJa
12. "Hands Up" (Ryan DreamXscape Mix) by SBP featuring 2AM

Freestyle Vol. 1 (N.T.B./Wise Guy Records)

Track Listing
1. "Your Lies Are Killing Me" by Individually One
2. "Lisa-Maria" by Rio Diege
3. "Unforgiven Love" by T.L.R.
4. "Neglected, Rejected" by Nando
5. "What I'm Feeling" (Remix) by Nas-T Boyz
6. "Why" by Rio Diege
7. "Take My Heart" by Terisa
8. "It's Not Over" by Rio Diege
9. "Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do" by Nas-T Boyz
10. "Tell Me" by Nando
11. "Endless Pain" by Individually One
12. "Watching You" by Nelson (formerly Wickett)
13. "Dangerous Game" by Alexis

Trip Hop Dance 2000 (Intersound, Inc.)

Track Listing
1. "Runaway" by Lil' Suzy
2. "Come Back To Me" by Nadine Renée
3. "Free" by Sam Savon
4. "Only Love" by Brenda K. Starr
5. "Arabian Knights 2000" by Latin Rascals
6. "My Life With You" by Judy Torres
7. "I Feel Love" by Tina Elise
8. "Constant Craving (I Need You)" by Corina
9. "One And Only" by Joey Kidd
10. "Reach Out To Love" by Sam Savon & Judy Torres
11. "Static" by Statick


New England Freestyle Classics

Track Listing
1. "Release Me" by Adelis
2. "Beginning Of The End" by Marisol
3. "Those Lonely Nights" (Richie Rich's Remix) by 3 To Da Max
4. "Don't Let Me Go" by Ashley
5. "Let Me Know" by Poze
6. "Have I Lost You" (Original Version) by Mystie
7.  "Surrender" by X-Cel
8. "Without Your Love" by Vocal Image
9. "My Summer Love" by Touch Of Quality
10. "Play It Right" by Bibi
11. "I Know" by Omar
12. "If Tomorrow Could Be" by Da Fellaz
13. "Memories" by Freeze
14. "Hold Back Your Tears" by J. Alams
15. "You'll Never Know" by Ruben Gonzalez
16. "I Thank You" by Nathan
17. "Endless" by Jay


Miami Classics, Vol. 1

Track Listing
1. "Be Gentle With My Heart" by Natasha
2. "Drums Of Love" by 7th Heaven
3. "Get Away" by Stephanie
4. "Never Stop Loving You" by Im-Mäge
5. "Why Did You Quit On Me" by Bernardo
6. "Sucias" by Los Sucios
7.  "Don't Ever Go Away" by Jeanette
8. "I Want U" by Teaz II Pleaz
9. "Just Another Lover" by Ray Guell
10. "Too Late For Love" by Rare Design
11. "Me Abandonaste" by Bernardo


Miami Dance Freestyle, Vol. 2

Track Listing
1. "Look Into Your Eyes" by Triad
2. "Give Me Tonight" by Vou Dou Danse
3. "Me & You" by Giani
4. "Loving You For Ever" by Elizabeth
5. "I Know That You Love Me" by Johnny O.
6. "I Won't Be Satisfied" by Audriana
7.  "You're The One & Only" by Giani
8. "Memories Of You" by Monique
9. "Where Did You Go" by Styles
10. "Dream Lover" by Benny Velez


Miami Dance Freestyle, Vol. 1

Track Listing
1. "Now That It's Over" by Artie
2. "Run Away Love" by Johnny O.
3. "Am I The One" by Voudou Danse
4. "Can You Feel" by Ray Guell
5. "You Are The One" by Count 2-20
6. "I Can't Resist" by Artie
7.  "Freestyle" by Johnny O.
8. "To Get 2 U" by Voudou Danse
9. "Dreams In The Night" by Dario
10. "It's My Pleasure" by M.F.S. featuring Viola Wills
11. "Run Away Love" (Fantasy Mix) by Johnny O.


Tony Moran - Same Sun, Same Sky

Track Listing
1. "Same Sun, Same Sky"
2. "Shed Another Tear"
3. "Watching Over You"
4. "Is It Love?" (featuring TKA)
5. "It's Your Love"
6. "Who's Sorry Now"
7.  "Why"
8. "You'll Never Know"
9. Evelyn
10. "Light At The End Of The Night"
11. "Gungie & Tony's Jam"
12. Sa-Fire
13. "On The Edge" (featuring Sa-Fire)
14. "Tira Fuego"
15. Andy
16. "Get On It"


Freestyle Nights, Vol. 1 (Wise Guy Records)

Track Listing
1. "Heart & Soul" by Liaison
2. "You Will Never Know" by Jesse
3. "Let Me Be The One" by Michelle
4. "Days Gone By" by Innervoice (formerly known as Kuriosity, Xery and X-Cel)
5. "Tears Of A Broken Heart" by Angela René
6. "A Broken Promise" by Dario
7.  "Don't Take Your Love Away" by Eden
8. "Now You Know" by Desmond
9. "Alone Again" by Ania
10. "Vision Of Love" by Jesse
11. "My One True Love" by Eden
12. "Bring Back Your Love" by Debra Shawn
13. "Your Love" by Rare Design
14. "Tables Turn" by Heidi Mathus
15. Freestyle Nights (Megamix - Mixed by Robert Vazquez)


Heart & Soul - The Freestyle Collection

Track Listing
1. "Sunset" by Jaime
2. "Give You Heaven" by Yolanda & Jaime (Heart & Soul)
3. "My Sweetness" by Jaime
4. "In My Dreams" by Abby Cabrera
5. "Summer Heat" (Club Mix) by Jaime
6. "In My Dreams" (Sample Mix) by Abby Cabrera
7.  "Fantasize" by Jaime
8. "In My Dreams" (Awakening Mix) by Abby Cabrera
9. "Sunset" (Club Mix) by Jaime


Bobby Leal - Journey From The Planet Freestyle

Track Listing
1. "OMC" Intro.
2. "Feels So Good"
3. "For You"
4. "No More Waiting" (featuring Chako Beilin)
5. "On The Way To Bobby Leal's"
6. "This Love"
7.  "One More Chance '96"
8. "Misdirected Love"
9. "Freestyle Holocaust"
10. "No Reason To Cry" (Cactus Mix)
11. "Take Me Away"
12. "That's Why I Love You"
13. "Blue"
14. "Where Is The Love" (Miami Live)
15. "Holdin' On" (Baja Mix)
16. "Mind Games"
17. "Take Me Away" (Reprise)
18. "Fredits For You" Outro.
19. "One More Chance" (Original Version)

**3 Plus 1 EP**BONUS TRACKS**
20. "I Love To Love You"
21. "Your Love (Feels So Good)" by Danielle Martinez featuring Bobby Leal


Brandon - Be Near Me

Track Listing
1. "Be Near Me"
2. "Back-N-Forth"
3. "Don't Go Away"
4. "Destiny"
5. "Moves"
6. "Kisses In The Night"
7.  "Mystery"
8. "It's Got To Be You"
9. "Take The Love"


Reunion: New Music From Freestyle's Greatest Artists (MicMac Records)

Track Listing
1. "Holding On" by Judy Torres
2. "Can We Find A Way" by Laura Enea
3. "Infatuation" by Nice & Wild
4. "Come Back To Me" by Brenda K. Starr
5. "Don't Try To Hide It" by Yvonne
6. "One More Night" by G.T.
7.  "Stranger To Yourself" by Diamond Eyes
8. "I Want U Now" by Nocera
9. "Tell Me Why" by Coro
10. "Tonight" by C-Bank introducing Whisper


Just Dance E.P. (D.E.P. Records)

Track Listing
1. "Runaway Dreams" by Diamond Eyes
2. "Your Kiss" by Chandra Terese
3. "Love's Got Me" by Lily
4. "Now That You're Gone" by Apaché
5. "Stranger To Yourself" by Diamond Eyes
6. "I'm Starting Over" by Cyré
7.  "My Teddy Bear" by Diva Laboy


Maximum Freestyle, Vol. 5

Track Listing
1. "Mucho Mambo Sway by Atilla featuring Alara
2. "Lover For Summer" by Alicia
3. "Do Whatever You Want" by Bubble J.
4. "Music For My Soul" by Freestyle Project
5. "Play Toy" by Cindy Akman
6. "Let Me Fly" by Sweet TB
7.  "Take Me" by Tolga
8. "Come Back To Me" by Ian
9. "Forever Here To Stay" by Sabrina
10. "Radiant Light" by Lucy
11. "Electric Reality" by Freestyle Project
12. "Don't Walk Away" by Salvina
13. "Supersonic" by Supersonic
14. "I Feel 4 U" by UR Nathin
15. "Precious" by E-Lusion
16. "Mini-Megamix, Part 1" by Anthony Norris
17. "Dreamin'" by Unit


maximum freestyle,vol 4

Track Listing
1. "Hold You Tight" by Passion
2. "Want To Be Alone" by Tolga
3. "My Love Will Never Die" by 2 Desire
4. "Take My Heart Away" by Jakie
5. "Don't Go Away" by Cheerokee
6. "Inside To Outside" by Ceres
7.  "I'll Never Let You Go" by Valentina
8. "Gave You All My Heart" by Jakob
9. "The Way He Looks At Me" by Prie
10. "Music Don't Stop" by Freestyle Project
11. "Someday" by Gabriel
12. "Paradise" by 2 Desire
13. "In Love With You" by April
14. "Moments Of My Life" by Europa
15. "Hit Me One More Time" by Robbie
16. "Givin' Up" by Ray Guell
17. "Heat Of The Night" by Smash
18. Mini Megamix - Mixed by Atilla


maximum freestyle,vol 3

Track Listing
1. "Never Again" by Amrose
2. "Eternal Love" by Intrepid
3. "Who You Lovin'" by Osilla
4. "You Took My Heart" by Ray Guell
5. "Dream Lover" by Andrea
6. "My Sweet Rose" by Stefano
7.  "All Alone" by Tolga
8. "Genie In A Bottle" by Kristina
9. "Please Don't Go" by Intrepid (a/k/a "Please Don't Leave Me" by 4 Self featuring Andrea)
10. "Tears In My Eyes" by Troy
11. "Thunder In Your Heart" by Andrea
12. "Promises" by Mizar
13. "Love Is What I Feel" by Ackie
14. "Memories Of You" by Larry Dermer
15. "Show Me" by Zelancia
16. "Tell Me Why" by Intrepid
17. "Never Again" (OSB) by Amrose
18. "Genie In A Bottle" (OSB) by Kristina


Maximum Freestyle: Special Edition Remixes!

Track Listing
1. "When We First Met'" (909 Version) by Frankie Boy
2. "When We First Met'" (Instrumental) by Frankie Boy
3. "She's Leavin'" (Remix) by Frankie Boy
4. "She's Leavin'" (Extended Mix) by Frankie Boy
5. "She's Leavin'" (Club Mix) by Frankie Boy
6. "She's Leavin'" (Instrumental) by Frankie Boy
7.  "My Precious Love" (Spanish Version) by Frankie Boy
8. "Only In My Dreams" (Remix) by Irene
9. "Only In My Dreams" (Club Mix) by Irene
10. "Believe In Love" (Old School Mix) by Frankie Boy
11. "Believe In Love" (Extended Mix) by Frankie Boy
12. "Can't Let You Go" (Club Mix) by Frankie Boy
13. "Why Do You Treat Me Badly" (Spanish Version) by Leticia
14. "When The Magic Fades" (Radio Version) by Roman
15. "Without You" (Dub Version) by Vicki
16. "Margarita" (909 Version) by Frankie Boy


Maximum Freestyle, Vol. 2

Track Listing
1. "She's Leavin'" by Frankie Boy
2. "Miracles" by Irene
3. "In My Heart" by Ottoman
4. "Trust In Me" (Remix) by Sincere Emotion
5. "Margarita" (Remix) by Frankie Boy
6. "Without You" by Nickie
7.  "Only In My Dreams" by Irene
8. "When We First Me" (Remix) by Frankie Boy
9. "If You Could Be Mine" by Tolga
10. "Dream Love" by Leticia
11. "Let's Find A Way" by Jonathan
12. "Margarita" (Tropical Version) by Frankie Boy
13. "Sending All My Love" by E-Lusion
14. "Where R U Now" by Irene
15. "Don't Know" by Frankie Boy
16. "Want To Love" (Remix) by Atilla
17. "Enjoy" (Fear Atilla Mix
18. "Smile For Me" by Frankie Boy


Maximum Freestyle, Vol. 1

Track Listing
1. "Change On Me" by Angel
2. "Margarita" by Frankie Boy
3. "Without Your Love" by Irene
4. "When We First Me" by Frankie Boy
5. "Want To Love" by Atilla
6. "Why Do You Treat Me Badly" by Leticia
7.  "Use Your Love" by E-Lusion
8. "And The Music" by Tears On Edge
9. "Trust In Me" by Sincere Emotion
10. "Anythin' 4 U" by Irene
11. "Don't Know" by Tolga
12. "My Precious Love" by Frankie Boy
13. "Now, I Know" by Roman
14. "Memories Of You" by Larry Dermer
15. "Lose Control" by Irene
16. "Don't Tell Me, You Love Me" by Holly Cole
17. "Your Toy" by Ten Minutes
18. "Smile For Me" by Frankie Boy


Summit Dance Compilation, Vol. 1 (Summit Entertainment)

Track Listing
1. "Givin' Up" by Ray Guell
2. "Prove My Love" by Tolga
3. "Phantasia" by System II
4. "All Alone" by Jeremy
5. "Runaway" by T. Paris
6. "In The Groove" by Prymalistic
7.  "X-Ray Eyes" by Ace
8. "You're My Only Lover" by Secret Oktober
9. "Oh Chica" by T. Paris
10. "Just For Tonight" by MTS
11. "Love You Feel" by Tony Marino


Strictly Freestyle, Vol. 1 (Summit Entertainment)

Track Listing
1. "I've Been Thinking About You" by Jocelyn Enriquez
2. "You Could Be My Lover" by Nez
3. "You Mean The World To Me" by T. Paris
4. "Diana" by Collage
5. "You Stole My Heart" by Debbie C.
6. "It's Your Love" by Sean Kevin
7.  "Don't Be Afraid" by Lilo
8. "Runaway Love" by Johnny O.
9. "Dreary Day" by Mr. Miami featuring Topaz
10. "Let Me Be The One" by Jeremy
11. "Don't Tell Me You Love Me" by Allure
12. "Lies" Tony Marino
13. "One More Chance '95" by Bobby Leal
14. "My Love" by J.J. Style


Tine - Eyes Of An Angel

Track Listing
1. "One Look"
2. "Show Me"
3. "Send Me An Angel"
4. "No More Tears"
5. "I Just Want To Be With You"
6. "How Could It Be"
7.  "Rhythm Of Love"
8. "No More Tears" (Piano Mix)
9. "One Look" (Remix)


Judy Torres - My Soul

Track Listing
1. "I Love You For All Seasons"
2. "Every Little Lie"
3. "I Go Crazy"
4. "My Soul"
5. "You're My Everything"
6. "Where Is Your Heart"
7.  "Windows"
8. "I Can't Wait"
9. "Hold Me, Kiss Me"
10. "If Your Dreams Look Like Mine"


Judy Torres (Both Studio Albums)

Track Listing
1. "Please Stay Tonight"
2. "Love Story"
3. "Missing Part"
4. "Weakness Of The Body"
5. "I'm So In Love With You"
6. "Every Time"
7.  "Come Into My Arms"
8. "Love You, Will You Love Me"
9. "No Reason To Cry"


Keepin' Freestyle Alive, Vol. 2 - PROMO VERSION (Detour Records)

Track Listing
1. "All I Want" by Onnie & Sahara
2. "Tell Me" by Nandy
3. "I'm On The Edge" by TYR
4. "Highways Of Love '97" by Johnny O.
5. "Sweet Tenderness" by Sahara
6. "Unforgiven Love '97" by T.L.R.
7.  "Ever After You" by Individually 1
8. "All That's On My Mind" by Onnie
9. "Take Your Love Away" by Virginia
10. "Shout Out" by Shout Out Crew featuring Jay Love


Nas-T Boyz - It's Time To Get Nas-T

Track Listing
1. "Get Nas-T"
2. "Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do?"
3. "Closer Than Close"
4. "Hangin' By A Thread"
5. "What I'm Feeling"
6. "Intimate Strangers"
7.  "Let's Get It Together"
8. "Beating Of My Heart"
9. "The Search" (LP Version)
10. "What I'm Feeling" (Remix)


Johnny O. - Call It Watcha Like

Track Listing
1. "I Know That You Love Me"
2. "I'm Gonna Make You Mine"
3. "I'm So Into You"
4. "Runaway Love"
5. "Love Letters"
6. "Sexy Girl"
7.  "Freestyle"
8. "I Promise"
9. "I Know That You Love Me" (Reprise)


Tine - Send Me An Angel (CD Single)

Track Listing
1. "Send Me An Angel" (Club Mix)
2. "Send Me An Angel" (Radio Mix)
3. "Send Me An Angel" (Euro Mix)
4. "Send Me An Angel" (Extended Euro Bonus Track)
5. "Rhythm Of Love" (House Mix)


segunda-feira, 19 de setembro de 2011

Johnny O. - Freestyle (It's Time To Party) (CD Single)

Track Listing
1. "Freestyle (It's Time To Party)" (Club)
2. "Freestyle (It's Time To Party)" (Radio)
3. "Freestyle (It's Time To Party)" (Bass In My Freestyle)
4. "Freestyle (It's Time To Party)"(Fantasy Percapella)


Freestyle's Elite Club (C.R.E./Metropolitan Records)

Track Listing
1. "True Love" by Charlie Rock
2. "Hugs & Kisses" by Giggles
3. "It Must Be Love" by Tonasia
4. "Stay Away" by Face
5. "Let It Go" by More & More
6. "Endless Thoughts" by Ria
7. "Look Of Love" by N.Y. Style
8. "Heartbreaker" by Baby Love


Freestyle Lives (Fever/Warlock Records)

Track Listing
1. "You Said You Loved Me" by Sa-Fire
2. "Time Passes By" by Lisette Melendez
3. "Time And Time Again" by Luis Damón
4. "Don't Tell Me 'Til Tomorrow" by Angel Clivilles
5. "Wasn't Love" by Fascination
6. "On The Edge" by Tony Moran
7. "What Am I To Do" by Nayobe
8. "I Need Your Love" by Montage
9. "Distant Heart" by George LaMond
10. "I Need Your Lovin'" by The Cover Girls
11. "4 U" by Stevie B.
12. "Take Me In Your Arms Again" by Lil' Johanna


Cutting Records Dance Vault (Cutting Records)

Track Listing
1. "Don't Get Me Wrong" by Fascination
2. "Stand By Your Lover" by Coro
3. "Let's Do It" by One Rascal featuring Elle G.
4. "Two Wrongs" by Vienna
5. "So Far Away" by Jaidie
6. "You" by Sam Savon
7. "Read Between The Lines" by Arlene
8. "I'm Not Gonna Cry" by 3 Of Hearts
9. "Love Me Forever" by Jammy
10. "I Want Your Lovin'" by Poetry In Motion


Latin Rascals - When She Goes

Track Listing
1. It Must Be You
2. I Want Out
3. Desirée
4. Compañero
5. When She Goes
6. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
7. On The Edge
8. I Pray For Love
9. Touch Me
10. It's Been Too Long
11. Life's Too Short
12. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (12" Remix)


Little Louie Vega & Marc Anthony - When The Night Is Over

Track Listing
1. Ride on the Rhythm
2. When the Night Is Over
3. Walk Away
4. If I Had the Opportunity
5. Let Me Love You
6. It's Alright
7. The Name of the Game
8. Living in a Strange World
9. Time
10. The Masters at Work
11. Ride


Latin Rascals - Bach To The Future!

Track Listing
1. "Bach To The Future"
2. "Joy O.D."
3. "Yo, Elise!"
4. "A Little Night Noise"
5. "Paco Bell Cannon"
6. "Death Of A Rascal"
7. "Arabian Knights"
8. "Macho Mozart"
9. "Classical Confusion"


April - Magical

Track Listing
1. Someone To Hold

2. Foreverlasting
3. Magical
4. Bring Back The Lover In Me
5. You're The One For Me
6. Losing My Heart Over You
7. No One Could Have Loved Me Better
8. Right On Time
9. Someone To Hold (Urban Mix)
10. You're The One For Me (Urban Mix)
11. Special Love


Elissa - Show Me How You Love Me (Single)

Track Listing
1. Show Me How You Love Me (Do You Love Me) (Original Radio)
2. Show Me How You Love Me (Do You Love Me) (Radio Edit)
3. Show Me How You Love Me (Do You Love Me) (Hi NRG Radio)
4. Show Me How You Love Me (Do You Love Me) (Freestyle Club)
5. Show Me How You Love Me (Do You Love Me) (Hi NRG Club)



Track Listing
1. Collage featuring Alexia – I'll Be Waiting For You

2. Marano/Phillips – If We Never Say Goodbye
3. Chris Phillips – I Wanna Love You Forever
4. Marano/Phillips – How Could You Love Me
5. Chris Phillips & Alexia Phillips – Summer Night '96
6. Marano/Phillips – I Want To Be With You Tonight
7. Collage – Last Christmas
8. Alexia Phillips – Shooting Star
9. Chris Phillips – Always Thinking Of You
10. Collage & Alexia Phillips – I'll Be Waiting For You (Hardcore Mix)
11. Marano/Phillips – If We Never Say Goodbye (Odeon Remix)
12. Chris Phillips – I Wanna Love You Forever (Drop The Bomb Mix)


L.A.W. - One More Chance For Love (CD Single)

Track Listing
1. "One More Chance For Love" (Club Mix)
2. "One More Chance For Love" (Radio Edit)
3. "One More Chance For Love" (Accapella)
4. "One More Chance For Love" (Instrumental)
5. "One More Chance For Love" (Dance Mix)

**Bonus Track**
6. "One More Chance For Love" (The FU Vocal House Mix)